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My name is Philippe.  I'm french. I'm 49  years old and  I have been collecting basketball trading cards  since 1990. I live on Reunion island wich is a little island part of France in south hemisphery between Madagascar and Mauritius Island.

Reunion Island

Mauritius Island

Mayotte Island

Mauritius Island

Quick Jump on last month addition

PICS: My RC Collection Year by year since Seventies !
Rookie Cards is my second Personnal  collection!

Currently, I'm mainly interested in autographs  
but I'm also looking for RC from All Star , HOFamers & Projects

                       Best regards





Autograph of the Month

R. Rondo 
 Crown Royal 09/10 
Majestic Signatures   107/199
TTM  of the Month

B. Self
 Phil's Own Collection 2006
 TTM Autograph 

Home Made Card  of the Month

B. Self
 Phil's Own Collection 2006
 TTM Autograph